Why I Don’t Like Saigon, But Still Went Back

To anyone that truly knows me, they know that Saigon (otherwise known as Ho Chi Minh City) is probably my least favourite city that I’ve ever visited. Why is this? I haven’t quite pinned it down yet. I think it could be something to do with the traffic, but then, I still quite enjoyed Hanoi.

Vietnam is a beautiful country, so some mishaps will never change my opinion of that.

So with this in mind, it was a complete surprise when I found myself excited to go back.  This time, I would be going with family, not on my own. I kept telling myself this time, it would be different. I would do different things and because I was with people, it would be okay. Mostly, I was just excited for the food. I had been dying for some lovely Banh Mi and Luc Lac.

The food is definitely one of the things I’ve missed the most about Vietnam – surprisingly.

Turns out, I did the same things again. However, this time I was much happier being able to show my family around a place that they had never been to. I took a deep pleasure in teaching them how to cross the roads and find food. Most importantly, learning to love the constant buzz of a truly metropolitan city. We went on a day trip to the Mekong Delta, the Cu Chi Tunnels and the typical sites such as the War Remnants Museum (definitely my favourite part of Ho Chi Minh City, it’s worth checking out).

This is a common scam in Ho Chi Minh – but my Grandpa sometimes won’t listen. This photo then cost us two coconuts. Bad coconuts.

Did my view change? No.

Did this trip back change how I felt about the city? Not in the slightest, but at least I had a chance to show it to three other people, and they loved it. I’m somewhat convinced though that their opinions would change were they given the chance to go elsewhere.