Thunderbird Park’s Canyon Flyer, Gold Coast Australia

Taken from Thunderbird Park’s Website – I didn’t have any of my own photos to show you.

Thunderbird Park’s ‘Canyon Flyer’ is enough to make even the most afraid person attempt to conquer their fear of heights with the zip line course. With 5 long lines and 2 short lines, you gain the opportunity to see a unique perspective of the treetops, make your heart pump and attempt to break their record speed – 85km/h.

My attempt with this was absolutely beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, inside I was petrified but as per normal managed to pull off confident purely because everyone around me didn’t show an ounce of fear. I’m actually quite proud of myself, I didn’t even hesitate when it came to leaping off into the canyon. Except for the last one, where the guides encourage you to lean over the edge backwards whilst they hold your harness. You don’t have a clue when they’re going to let you go. That’s the beauty of it, and what makes your heart leap inside your chest.

The Canyon Flyer course allows you to do a few things with the zip lines, once you’re more comfortable. One includes the guides spinning you in your harness, and true to their word, if you reach beyond 9 spins on their short line you are doing well. Another opportunity is where they teach you to go upside down. If you’re reading this and decide to go, then don’t fret, they’re pretty amazing. Whilst they push you to go past your comfort zone, they don’t pressure you.

This however, wasn’t the start of the day. My day started at 5am, with a 8:10am flight from Sydney Domestic Airport to Coolangatta Airport (OOL). With a day like this, I was well and truly tired. I, however, did not regret one moment to our first day in the Gold Coast for February 2017. If you do decide to go, leave an opinion in the comments below!


  1. Aleasha G.

    I was just googling when I came across this. I did this at the Gold Coast! It was rad!

    Keep up with the interesting posts xx

    1. Post

      Hi Aleasha,

      It’s definitely a great experience and one that has made me seek out zip lines wherever I go!

      Thank you for your comment,
      Ebony x

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